Episode II

Hey guys, we finally overcame our technical difficulties and got our latest episode online. In this episode, Dr. Aaron Kuecker talks with J.R. and Brian about the role of Christians in politics. Check it out!

posted on 25.08.09


Hey folks.

We here at Elevator Music would like to apologize for the lack of episodes. We recorded another episode with Dr. Aaron Kuecker, but we are unable to get it online. Due to some techincal problems, we can’t get it out to the audience, please stay tuned as we are working on the problem. Check back on the site and iTunes for a new episode.

On a further note, we are currently looking for a server to host this podcast from. As you can tell, the free one we are using isn’t working very well. So if you know of a server we can use, please let us know!

posted on 10.08.09

Podcast Subscription

Well folks, we’ve finally gotten this onto iTunes. If you would like to subscribe to Elevator Music, simply go to the iTunes store and look us up. (It’s free…who doesn’t like free stuff?)

Or if you don’t have an iTunes store account, select “Subscribe to Podcast” from the Advanced menu (top bar) of your iTunes player. Enter in this URL and hit OK.


posted on 14.07.09

Our pilot episode! Chiggity check it out.

posted on 14.07.09

The high tec recording session of the pilot episode.

posted on 13.07.09